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Shosan Consulting Services, LLc was started to meet the demand for a payroll service company that focused on payroll for small and medium sized businesses. It is our goal to not be a call center but to be your payroll department–offer advice, educate about payroll taxes, handle reporting projects, keep up to date on new labor laws–and to offer our services at a price small business can afford.

Shosan Consulting Services utilizes an ACH processor with multiple servers located throughout the United States as well as a back up processor to ensure direct deposits and tax payments arrive on time, every time. Payroll data is backed up to a secure offsite location and internal office controls create a safe, secure environment for your sensitive payroll and employee data.

We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with our clients because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their payroll needs, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.