At Shosan Consulting Services our goal is simple; to handle your payroll so that you can focus on managing and running your own business. By seamlessly integrating the processes of payroll, payroll tax payments, time keeping, HR, 401(k) and workers’ compensation insurance payments, we have reduced the time & cost it takes to handle your payroll.

The team at Shosan Consulting Services are proud to offer a range of online payroll services for small businesses. We understand that being a small business owner is hard. Not only are you responsible for running the company but also expanding and growing it. When you are bogged down by tedious human resource and payroll tasks, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Rather than stress over payroll, turn to a company with experience handling payroll for small and medium sized businesses. Shosan Consulting Services is a specially designed payroll service for small businesses. We work hard to provide you with the best in small business payroll software to ensure you and your employees have exactly what you need, right when you need it.

What HR-Related Services Do You Offer?

Shosan Consulting Services offers employees of client businesses instant online access to their relevant and personal business information, including time accruals, check stubs, personnel information and more. Let our team save you time and resources by offering your employees access to the personal information they need right when they need it.

Shosan Consulting Services is happy to provide clients with a range of services including:

Employee self-service (ESS) – This web based resource gives employees instant access to their payroll, leave and personal benefits information. Employees who use ESS can also update their personal information within the system, including direct deposit and home address. Employee self-service gives the employee the ability to handle some of their own HR tasks, leaving management or administrative staff to focus on other things.

Payroll – Shosan Consulting Services can handle all your payroll needs, leaving you to focus on managing and running the business. We are able to seamlessly integrate your payroll process, HR, time keeping, payroll tax payments, workers’ compensation insurance payments and 401(k). We will greatly reduce the time and cost that you would suffer if you had to handle your business’ payroll yourself.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance – With Shosan Consulting Services both California Workers’ Compensation and Payroll are available as one seamless solution. We offer clients pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance plans, each with top rated workers compensation insurance carriers. We offer competitive rates and can shop around and find you the best insurance rate for your needs. By working with our our partnerships, your premium will be solely based on your payroll hours.

Payroll Time Clock – If you need secure online time clocks that are cost effective and easy to use, Shosan Consulting Services has the answer. We know that collecting time cards, adding hours and then submitting them to a payroll professional is both tedious and time consuming. Shosan Consulting Services has eliminated this process with our online time clock system that is synced with our payroll software. With this service, you will have the ability to monitor your employees from the privacy of your computer.

Direct Deposit – If each employee uses direct deposit, we can create a paperless payroll that will save you money and reduce waste.

Shosan Consulting Services’s experienced and friendly team is available to answer any questions about our many services. When you choose Shosan Consulting Services you and your employees will have 24 hour, 7 days a week access to personal business information.

Can My Employees Access Employee Self-Service?

There are several ways an employee can access an employee self-service portal. The portal can be made available through specialized kiosks, through a website or confined to the business’ private network. If you are considering ESS to allow employees to handle more of their own HR tasks, turn to the experts at Clapham Payroll Solutions.

Is It Safe to Use Your Employee Self-Service Portal?

Absolutely! Our payroll software is built on top of Microsoft .NET security using security groups, access control, and group policies. Access to the system requires the user to supply their credentials, which are preauthorized and predefined. Without these credentials, the system cannot be accessed. We also require all user passwords to adhere to our security standards for extra security.

Physical data is secured within our SQL Server database using security best practices. We take advantage of robust authentication features and encrypt all database connection strings. Our application uses a remote entry technology over HTTPS to establish a secure, encrypted connection between users on the Internet and internal network resources. This allows us to take advantage of Transport Layer Security (TLS) for increased security. All data transmissions conducted through our applications are completed with 128-bit encryption to ensure the protection of your sensitive data.

Why Choose Shosan Consulting Services?

Shosan Consulting Services is focused on providing the best payroll services for small and medium sized businesses in California and across the country. Shosan Consulting Services offer clients a range of features and benefits like:

Employees can go online and view, save and print copies of their information, including pay stubs

Employees have the ability to update their personal information, such as their address, direct deposit account number or tax status, at any time online

Employees can obtain copies of W2s and 1099s, both current and previous

Password protection makes sure that only appropriate personnel access the portal

You have the ability to track employee personal information like their address and emergency contact information

Employees can opt to receive a notification when of payment and when their paystub can be viewed online

No matter what type of payroll service your business needs, step back and let the experts at Shosan Consulting Services handle it. We are sure to save you time and money while allowing you to focus on growing and running your business.